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Pastor Thad Agee

Pastor Thaddeus Agee was born in the small town of Magnolia, Alabama on April 29, 1947, to the late Cleveland and Willie G. Agee. From a young age, Pastor Agee was exposed to the power of prayer, and was taught to exercise this power in all that he does. Life in the Deep South was rugged and at times seemed hopeless, but it was a disciplined upbringing rooted in prayer which laid the foundation for his life as a pastor. After graduating from high school, Pastor Agee moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he began working for the National Video Corporation making television tubes. After two years, he enlisted in the United States Air Force where he served as a jet engine mechanic for B-52 bombers and KC-135 tankers.

Stationed in California, he often visited Los Angeles and Oakland during the weekends. One night after returning from Berkley University, he came home to find a letter from his mother. In the letter his mother encouraged him to "return to the Lord", along with other spiritual advice which was promptly rejected. During the same night around 2:00 a.m., the presence of the Lord entered Pastor Agee's room and asked the question, "Do you want to party the rest of your life, or have eternal life"? Pastor Agee answered, "Lord I want eternal life." Pastor Agee continued to serve in the military. One day he prayed and asked of the Lord, "I know you will save me, but where shall I serve you"? After serving four years in the military, Pastor Agee returned to the Chicago area and later moved to Gary, Indiana, where he began working at EJ&E Railroad. Shortly afterwards, he began selling magazines and other publications until he landed a job at Inland Steel; where he worked as a fork lift operator and crane operator.

After marriage and beginning a family, he developed a serious smoking habit; amongst other unhealthy habits. The Lord spoke to him one night and said, "Son, you know what you have to do". The next morning he went to a Church recommended by a co-worker. Apparently, people were being delivered daily; at least according to this co-worker. Drug addicts were giving their lives to the Lord, gang members were turning in their guns, and God was working wonders. This church was none other than the "Open Door Church of God Refuge in Christ". The "would be pastor" smoked what would be his last cigarette just before entering the church. Upon entering, Pastor Agee recalls experiencing a strong presence of the Lord. The Church was conducting a 40-day partial fast which included one meal per day. Pastor Agee gave his life to the Lord that day and has not looked back since. On August 10, 1973, he was wonderfully saved. He began working in the church performing various tasks such as: singing with the choir, teaching men's Sunday-school class, playing Congo drums for the choir and music ministry, driving the motor home for the pastors during vacation trips, participating in shut-ins, and subsequently accepting the calling to the ministry. Elder Bennett, Pastor and Founder of Open Door Church, seemed to call for a fast almost every holiday. These fasts could range from a few days to as many as 40 days.

Nevertheless, Pastor Agee could recall telling himself, "In order to be a good leader, one must be a good follower"; a lesson Pastor Agee has passed down to his own children. After Elder Bennett passed in 1988, Pastor Agee struggled for a few years seeking the Lord for direction. In the early nineties, the Lord moved on Pastor Agee's heart to start his own church. Serving under the tutelage of Dr. Bennett for 16 years had given Pastor Agee all the tools he would need as a spiritual leader. It was Pastor Agee's desire to start a church in a nice location such as Merrillville, Indiana; however, opportunity came in the winter of 1995 by way of a small church on the mean streets of Gary, Indiana, at 3956 Washington Street; not exactly the ideal location in which Pastor Agee planned to start his ministry. The church was called "Trinity Deliverance Christian Center"; a name he reluctantly accepted. Drugs were being sold on every corner and raccoons occupied the ceiling of the church. Besides the raccoons, there were only two members who sat in the pews. He set up a corporation and began renovation of the church. Serving faithfully and working for Amoco Oil Co., Pastor Agee saw the opportunity to move into a larger church. The present church at 5357 Harrison in Merrillville, Indiana, was purchased in January of 1998. In 1999, Pastor Agee retired from Amoco Oil Refinery to go full-time as Pastor of the Trinity Deliverance Christian Center.

Pastor Thaddeus Agee has remained faithful in his service to the Lord and his congregation. Members are being blessed, delivered, revived, and are dedicating their lives to the Lord. He is supported by his loving wife of 32 years, Jacqueline Agee, and their two adult sons, Terry (37) & Troy (34); and their seven adopted children.

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